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Meet the Birds of Prey


Lazlo the Barred Owl

Lazlo came from another rehab center in southern Michigan. He has a partially amputated wing, a practice that is no longer used.  How he received his injury is a mystery. Lazlo joined us in 2001, but we are unsure how old he is.

Boudica the Great Horned Owl

Boudica joined us in the fall of 2007. She came from another rehab center near Chicago, Illinois. In her first year she was hit by a car and sustained a broken wing high up near the shoulder joint. Unfortunately the wing did not heal correctly, making it impossible for her to catch prey.

Bard the Barred Owl

Bard was admitted to the ARK in the summer of 2003. He had fallen out of the nest when he was only a few weeks old. The fall injured one of his legs. Physical therapy was done on his legs each day, but to no avail. His injury prohibits him from being able to use his talons to capture prey.

Pepper Rose the Turkey Vulture

Rosie was brought to the ARK in 2004. She was found in Rose City, Michigan. People had seen her in the woods after the normal time for migration. She had been attacked in the nest as a baby and her wing was broken.  As a bird that has never flown before, Rosie is afraid of heights.

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