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Intern at the A.R.K.


An internship at the A.R.K. provides hands-on experience working with a variety of wildlife species. Interns work under the supervision of a certified wildlife rehabilitator.


Skills acquired include:

  • Animal handling and care (including nutrition needs, transport, medical procedures)

  • Lab experience

  • Administering medical care to injured wildlife (gavages, vaccinations, subcutaneous hydration, etc.)

  • Species identification and research

  • Public relations skills

  • Habitat construction

  • Cage set-up/husbandry techniques

  • Opportunity to handle education raptors and become a Birds of Prey team member


We’re looking for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals interested in working with wildlife.



  • Good physical stamina and health

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work independently and as a team member

  • Academic background in biological or environmental sciences preferred

A final project on a wildlife-related topic,determined in conjunction with your advisor, is strongly recommended.



Application Process:

  • Call 989.389.3305 to find out more about an internship and request an application


  • Or download this document


  • Must include a 1-2 page essay describing what you would like to accomplish at the A.R.K.

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