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The A.R.K. needs a wagon! One of our old wagons finally bit the dust. We rely on having at least 2 functioning wagons to deliver food and water to our outside kritters and to transport wildlife carriers for release or relocation, If you have a wagon with sides that fold down or can be removed, please consider donating it to the A.R.K.  Or if you are looking for the perfect gift for the animals this year, this is the top of our wish list.  You can Contact Us to send a picture of you or your family with the wagon you donate and we will publish it here. Or we will simply thank you here so that others know to go to our Wish List section for other vital gifts.  You can also go to Contact Us to ask what items are in short supply.  We will repond within 24 hours at the most.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Our current wagon

While shopping for the holidays on Amazon, you can help our wildlife survive the harsh winter.  Click the button below to go to Amazon Smile.  Your account will remain the same - no other actions are required.

Now you can help the ARK while you shop on Amazon!

And it doesn't cost you a penny! 

It is the same official Amazon site and .5% of your purchase will help us relieve the suffering of wildlife.

Click on the link above and select 

ARK Association to Rescue Kritters

as your charity of choice 


The A.R.K. will NOT be admitting any birds at all until further notice due to the Avian Influenza outbreak in the birds that are migrating back here.  The risk of bringing birds that may be carrying the virus to the A.R.K. is simply to great.  This will help us protect our education birds and the other birds that are currently being cared for at our facility. 


The ARK rehabilitates hundreds of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife each year. Our goal is to return these animals to their natural habitats as soon as they are able to live independently. We also provide an educational resource to all people of the State of Michigan so we may promote a better understanding, treatment, and appreciation of Michigan's wildlife population.


Our program focuses on the following objectives:

  • to provide the best possible medical and first aid treatment to all animals brought to the center

  • to provide quality nutrition and appropriate housing to all animals in our care

  • to humanely euthanize any animal that is beyond help and hope

  • to provide educational information to the general public when they call for assistance with injured, orphaned, sick, or "nuisance" wildlife

  • to provide educational information to veterinarians and other professionals who come into contact with wildlife throughout Michigan

  • to release animals back into the wild in proper release sites, carefully selected to optimize the survival of the animal and to have minimal impact on humans

  • to educate adults and children through our slide presentations and educational displays

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